We understand the value of a well-trained employee and have developed certified training programs to educate employees so they progress to the highest level required in safety and service standards.

Quality Service delivery

As quality practitioners, we are accustomed to measuring the physical attributes of a product: dimensions, angles, power hardness, tensile strength, colour, and many other characteristics. Getting a handle on services and its measurements can be more difficult. Often there are no physical attributes to measure, or they don’t clearly affect the essential nature of the service. We think about what really matters to the customer about the service we provide. Although this is the case with both products and services, it takes on special significance with a service and its attributes.

  • Assurance.
  • Reliability.
  • Tangibility.
  • Empathy.
  • Responsiveness.

In all services provided by Kanvel the aspect of service orientation is incorporated. Whether hospitality, security, cleaning or technical, our business demands that all employees are trained in providing exceptional service to complement our clients’ high standards. Instructions are given on who the guests are and their value to us and to our clients, what the customer wants and why we must provide exceptional service.

Other topics include awareness and impression, communication skills, building customer relations, service with a smile and proactive problem solving in dealing with difficult situations. Upon completion of the training, employees will gain an understanding of how to deal with every guest in a professional manner.


Kanvel is the first one stop shop for all your Facility management, Hospitality, Technical, Security and Cleaning service needs. We are driven to find innovative and integrated solutions to cover even the smallest breach in your service executions, we are setting the pace and the standards for an entire industry in our ability to provide tailor-made and sustainable solutions.

Our facilities management and hospitality experts are in the business of finding cost-effective solutions to all service oriented challenges. The management team has studied, designed and managed similar operations over many years and in many sectors, we have directed and supported many operators to improve their service cycles.


Since our inception Kanvel has been recognized as an innovative force in the service oriented industry.

As service and hospitality specialists, we understand the importance of Guest satisfaction in a competitive environment, and recognize that the key areas of importance such as staff training and certification need to in-line with constantly changing technology within the Hospitality, Facilities management and Security services sector

We use a host of technologies to help our clients deliver prompt service within their budget. These technologies include web-based service management and communication software. Real-time communication tools such as this allows the departments in concern to integrate and create achievable timelines in resolving day-to-day challenges quickly.


Our team of experts are experienced practitioners with a deep and broad involvement in their respective areas, both practical and theoretical. For this reason our clients trust us with the standards of our service delivery and our initiatives. All our experts are proficient in their given tasks, this depth of experience, combined with the way we work’ gives us the confidence and clarity about our business which in turn allows us to focus all our energy on making a difference.

Our clients benefit from;

  • Having their concerns proactively addressed with initiatives.
  • Receiving high value added implementation support, and leadership that is focused on delivering results.
  • Having ‘experts’ and experienced management working to develop the skills and confidence of their teams.
  • Working with empowered experts with a ‘can do” attitude in making their strategies transpire.
  • Benefits in the long term through skills and knowledge transferred to their staff with the intensive practical and theoretical training provided.

Our services make a real difference to the strategic performance of the organizations we work with. As a reflection of this, our work has organically grown through recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients.

Management System

We have implemented a state-of-the-art Central Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for recording all complaints and service requests. This fully integrated system with our Critical Occurrence Response Management (CORM) Team working 24 hours/ 7 days a week enables us to cater to all requests and respond immediately in the event of a crisis.

Our management team will be dispatched instantaneously to supply support, investigate and manage the existing state of affairs. The time taken to complete or action a reported task or crisis is measured and standards are formulated against our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs are our evaluation tool to ensure that all reported calls are attended to promptly and efficiently. Reports on our KPI’s may be requested by our Clients, this diligent CORM team is composed of support personnel geared to administer ill-timed mishaps that can occur. “Safety First!” is an expression used to describe Kanvel methodology and training approach intended to prevent and decrease the amount of injuries and accidents in the workplace ensuring that we deliver what is expected and promised.